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The Agami Package

Costa Rica birding vacation package: The Agami Package for 3 days, 2 nights, and up to 7 hrs of pure birding and photography

This is one of the Costa Rica birding vacation package, for Caño Negro Refuge. 
Hotel de Campo
offers you this birding vacation package. There is so much to discover in the National Refuge of Caño Negro, that we must recommend at least 2 nights, 3 days, and up to 7 hrs of birding and/or photography tour.

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The National Wildlife Refuge of Caño Negro is part of the Costa Rica birding itinerary offered by Birding Costa Rica Tours. With Renzo (the owner), you can prepare your next Costa Rica birding vacation package

You can read here some information about their offers to travel around Costa Rica.

Costa Rica birding vacation package

Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge is an extensive area of marsh, forest, lagoons, rivers, and creeks. Those are the reason we create this entry 2-nights-package.

Caño Negro Refuge is a prime Birdwatching destination in Costa Rica. It is a place for any experienced birdwatcher.
Today, and according to, Caño Negro Refuge is ranked 3rd as best birding in Costa Rica.

It is true, that Costa Rica it became a very popular destination for the birdwatcher.
Why? because it is easy to travel around Costa Rica, it is easy to find excellent birdwatching hotspots, and you can bird 365 days per year.

Said so, Costa Rica it is also a great destination for birdwatching for beginners. And of course for the most experienced one.
Definitely, you can be birding Costa Rica on your own, and for sure you can bird around Costa Rica on a budget.

So, if you are preparing your Costa Rica birding tour, you can have to put in your birding hotspot the National Refuge of Caño Negro.

We want to be sure you will enjoy as many as possible birds we have around, and in case you are a photographer, be sure you have enough time to take a lot of pictures.

Caño Negro is not only about birds. We also have 3 kinds of monkeys to see (white-faced, howler, and spider monkey). We have sloth, caimans, iguanas, basilisc, butterflies, White-nosed coatis, dear, turtles, crocodiles, ant-eater, and more. And perhaps, you can be blessed to see a jaguar!

It is important to mention that all services are personalized. What does it mean?

  • First of all, the tours are private. Nobody else will be on the boat.
  • Second, we organize the boat trip according to your interest.
  • Third, we can customize all the packages.

For example, to set the best birding route for the boat tour, we need to know if you are mostly a birder, and it is fundamental to know if you have any predilection, or you are interested in any flying species.

Birding hotspots may vary based on your insights. As I mention before, we have a forest, lagoon, and marsh. Those are all different environments for several birds. Also, birds experiment with some seasonal changes in their behavior.

Costa Rica birding vacation package

On the other hand, if you are more interested in photography, it is fundamental to organize the boat tour in the best light condition.

Our major achievement is to offer you the best birding tour in Costa Rica

Agami Birding vacation package in detail:

3 days – 2 nights

This package includes:

  • 2 overnights in double occupancy
  • 1 private tour by boat and/or trail of 4 hours
  • 1 private tour by boat of 3 hours
  • 1-night tour in our private forest and/or at the lagoon
  • 2 dinners
  • 2 Brunch (or breakfast)

Price for Solo Travel: $375 per person
Price for double occupancy: $285 per person

Note: per person per the package, based on double occupancy. The price does not include the park entrance ticket, or drinks.

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    When can you see birds in Costa Rica?

    Most birds native to Costa Rica can be spotted all year long, but those devoted to the patient hobby of birdwatching find that the best time to spot the country’s resident birds is during the dry season, which runs from November to April. It’s during this time that birds come out more frequently (as there is less rain) and can be heard singing nearly everywhere. Also, visibility is greatly improved during this season.

    If you’re looking for migratory birds, traveling to Costa Rica from September through November provides a window of opportunity. If you’re specifically seeking the famed quetzal, you may want to get some local advice on the best areas to find these long-tailed Central American birds, though they are often found feeding on wild avocados in the cloud forests during during the dry season.

    (travel and Leisure)

    Best Times to Visit Costa Rica for Wildlife Spotting

    Costa Rica is home to endemic species found nowhere else on Earth. The exceptional number of national parks and wildlife refuges all play a part in helping to protect these animals, while simultaneously allowing travelers to catch a glimpse.

    The best times to spot wildlife depend on which animals you’d most like to see. Some well known attention-grabbers, like the Capuchin monkey, can be seen (and heard) year-round. But those seeking to spot sea turtles should head to the Caribbean coast between February and October, or during April and May for leatherback turtles. Generally, you’ll want to rise early — well before sunrise — and head to a reserve just as the animals wake up.

    (travel and Leisure)

    Where are the hummingbirds in Costa Rica?

    Hummingbirds are especially abundant in the cloud forest of Costa Rica such as Monteverde, La Paz Waterfall Gardens, Bajos del Toro, and the Losa Angeles Cloud Forest.

    With Birding Costa Rica Tour, you can set up a personal birding trip in Costa Rica. You can choose a package with up to 18 birding hotspot, or request a very unique birding trip in Costa Rica


    Should I get a birding guide in Costa Rica?

    You are certain to see more birds with a professional naturalist guide in Costa Rica. These guides know bird calls, can often mimic them, and can detect unique birding behaviors that the untrained eye or ear would miss. Furthermore, they’ll often bring professional bincoluars along so you can get a closer look at the birds you come across than you otherwise would have.

    Fortunately we have this cover. At Hotel de Campo in Caño Negro Refuge, all birding tours are private and guided. You will not waisting any moment of your trip. Birding in Caño Negro with experienced guide is a must.

    Meanwhile, if you are looking to travel around Costa Rica to know as much as possible birding hotspot, check out with Renzo. It is a specialist tour guide for birdwatching. Visit

    Where can I see parrots in Costa Rica?

    Definitely the National Refuge of Caño Negro is a great birding hotspot in Costa Rica to watch parrots.

    It is a place easy to visit (you can arrive with your own car), and take a birding boat tour. There, you can trust on the experienced birding guide of Hotel de Campo.

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