You are currently viewing Costa Rica Birding Tours and Vacation Packages: The Jabiru Package

Costa Rica Birding Tours and Vacation Packages: The Jabiru Package

Costa Rica Birding Tours and Vacation Packages:

Are you preparing a Costa Rica birding tour?

Are you going to birding Costa Rica on your own?

Keep in mind that The National Refuge of Caño Negro has been ranked as the top 3 hotspots by

Thanks to Hotel de Campo, you have the possibility to know deply this amaizing birdwatching destination in Costa Rica.

This is the most sold birding vacation package for your Costa Rica bird watching holidays, including Up to 11 hrs of birding around, photography, nature watching… It does depend on what would you like most.

Costa Rica Birding Tours and Vacation Packages

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The National Wildlife Refuge of Caño Negro is part of the Costa Rica birding itinerary offered by Birding Costa Rica Tours. With Renzo (the owner), you can prepare your next Costa Rica birding vacation package

You can read here some information about their offers to travel around Costa Rica.

So, Free up your camera memory, or bring a spare one. You will need it!

The Jabirú Package, we gave this name remembering the largest bird we have in Caño Negro. Beautiful bird, elegant. With its long and hard peak, it makes no sound.
Strange habits. Very shy and diffident normally, but in plenty dry season when the lagoons are quite dry, you can easily see it from Hotel de Campo.

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Most selling Vacation Package for Costa Rica birding tours 2022:

The Jabirú Package represents the service we primarily sell. It does include the most appropriate balance between tours and time for yourself. With 11 hrs of guided tours, spread over 3 days 4 nights, you will undoubtedly lose nothing.

This vacation package for your holidays in Costa Rica additionally includes a night tour. We will explore our private forest looking for frogs and some night birds. It is a nice and easy night’s adventure.
Meanwhiles, during the dry season (when there are almost no frogs around) we will visit the refuge, walking around a shallow lagoon or along the river. This dry season night tour is about caimans, owls, potoos, pauraque, boat-billed heron, and Black-crowned Night-Heron.

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I like to remember you, that the boat tours included in this birding vacation package are always private. There will not be other people in the boat spoiling your precious time.
Said so, we will prepare the itinerary with you. Based on your needs, we will carefully choose different birding hotspots, and the best time to have the perfect light for your charming pictures. And in the case is the rainy season, we can wait for the right moment.

Caño Negro is not only about birds. We also have 3 kinds of monkeys to see (white-faced, howler, and spider monkey). We have sloth, caimans, iguanas, basilisc, butterflies, White-nosed coatis, dear, turtles, crocodiles, ant-eater, and more. And perhaps, you can be blessed to see a jaguar!


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Included meals are always “a la carte”, with an excellent choice between 20+ dishes. We offer you Italian pasta, international cuisine, and a local specialty.
Food is constantly prepared fresh, absolutely no “buffet” style.
And very important, we try to have most of our ingredient organic, our production or local provider.

The most sold birding vacation package in detail

  • 3 overnights in double occupancy
  • 1 private tour by boat of 3 hours
  • 1-night tour in our private forest and/or at the lagoon
  • 2 private Boat and/or walking tours of 4 hours
  • 3 dinners
  • 3 Brunch (or breakfast)

Price for Solo Travel: $475 per person
Price for double occupancy: $395 per person

Note: per person per the package, based on double occupancy. The price does not include the park entrance ticket or drinks.

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