1 Best Cano Negro Refuge on your own

1 Best Cano Negro Refuge on your own

The wildlife of Caño Negro is a “Discovery Channel” experience. But, instead to be on your couch, you are going to be live. You can visit the National Refuge of Cano Negro on your own. It is easy to access, it easy to explore.

Cano Negro Refuge: easy to get there.

The best way to arrive at the Refuge Caño Negro is by car. Of course, you can take a bus. But connection and the travel time will not make you an easy journey.

So, the best way is by car. Actually, it is the best way to visit Costa Rica.

Caño Negro refuge is just a couple of hours from La Fortuna – Arenal Volcano and also from Bijagua – Rio Celeste.

Normally, tourists in Costa Rica like to make La Fortuna – Cano Negro – Bijagua, or vice versa.

Cano Negro Refuge: easy to explore.

This is one of the easiest national parks in Costa Rica to explore. All tours in Caño Negro are by boat. So, you do not have to walk for hours to appreciate the wildlife of Costa Rica. On the boat tour Cano Negro, it will be easy, nice, and comfortable to spot any kind of birds, monkeys, iguanas, caimans, crocodiles, slots, and basilisks. And you are a very lucky person, maybe you can come across a jaguar. You never know. If you do not go, you will not see.

Remember, the best way to experience Cano Negro is via a guided boat tour.

Why visit Cano Negro Refuge: because you are a birdwatcher, a photographer, and/or a nature lover.

The National Refuge of Caño Negro is all about nature. Cano Negro refuge becomes a point of reference for that person that like nature and wants to avoid touristic destinations in Costa Rica.

This is the reason Cano Negro is full of nature, this is the reason because you can spot very close dozens of species of birds, and be just a couple of meters from iguanas, caimans, and monkeys.

#1 Best Cano Negro Refuge on your own


Private boat tour in Caño Negro refuge:

As we already mentioned, the best way to experience Caño Negro Refuge is by boat. This ecosystem is a wetland, loaded with marsh, flooded forest, swamp, lagoons, and rivers. All the species of the rich wildlife of Cano Negro rely on water. All the wildlife activity is along the rivers and the lagoons.

So, a guided private boat tour is the best way to get in touch with nature.

Refuge of Caño Negro: the birding destination in Costa Rica

The Refuge of Caño Negro cannot be missed in your birding Costa Rica map road. Be sure to include in your birding itinerary in Costa Rica at least 2 nights in Caño Negro. Caño Negro Refuge is not a huge place, but the richness of the wildlife requests a few boat tours in Caño Negro.

The minimum advisable is to take a very early morning tour and a late afternoon tour. This will cover the 2 best moments of the day to search for birds. The more time you stay on the river, the more species you can add to your birding list.

Caño Negro Refuge: what is the best time of the year to visit?

You can read a few blogs online that will tell you that the best time to visit Caño Negro is between December and April.

Well. Yes and no. First of all, let me ask you. What are you looking for in Caño Negro? Are you a nature lover? Are you a photographer? Are you a birdwatcher?

The truth is that Caño Negro is an amazing destination in Costa Rica all year round. The best time depends mostly on when you have the time to visit Costa Rica, and what is your interest in Caño Negro.

Of course, if you are looking for some migrating birds, the best season will be January to April. If you are looking for as many places as possible to explore, from May to December is the best season.

Contact us, and let us know exactly what you expect from your visit to Caño Negro. We will be happy to help you organize your visit to Caño Negro.


Private boat tour in Caño Negro refuge


Meanwhile, you can get more information about the National Refuge of Caño Negro by visiting these websites:

Hotel de Campo Caño Negro – Costa Rica. It is the place to stay when your visit the refuge of Caño Negro.

Birding in Caño Negro – Costa Rica . This is the tour operator of Hotel de Campo. Here is where you can directly organize your birdwatching tour in Caño Negro.

Birding in Costa Rica Tours. A trustful travel agency for Private birding trips or birding on your own in Costa Rica

Boat tours in Caño Negro – Costa Rica. Be sure to visit Caño Negro Refuge when you opt for a 1-day tour to the Refuge of Caño Negro


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This is the Real Caño Negro Boat Tour Costa Rica. We operate only inside the Caño Negro National Refuge on the north side of Costa Rica. A trip along the Rio Frio and the lagoons of Caño Negro is always amusing. Hotel de Campo is the only hotel located directly in front of the lagoon. This Eco-Lodge Hotel offers a wide range of activities. A boat tour through the Caño Negro refuge is one of them. The real deal Caño Negro boat tour Costa Rica. It must be said, but NOT all tour operators arrive in Caño Negro. But we are there, just in front of the lagoon. Because only at the Original Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge you can find different ecosystems, this place only is home to many species of exotic wildlife. This is the reason why Caño Negro is today a major birding hotspot. Only inside Caño Negro Refuge you can find waterways, canals, and lagoons that provide the perfect habitats and an exclusive way to spot animals in a natural environment. Cano Negro boat tour Costa Rica: This is the easiest and most comfortable way to get to know the national refuge of Caño Negro. The flora and fauna along the Rio Frio always offer extraordinary sights and chances for a great photo. Be prepared to discover as many birds, monkeys, caimans, crocodiles, and turtles, basilisks as possible.
#1 Cano Negro Refuge, the Best birdwatching hotspot in Costa Rica?
Why Cano Negro Refuge is a great idea for your vacation in Costa Rica? Because is an easy place to reach and a premium birding hotspot in Costa Rica. Also, birding in Caño Negro Refuge is easy and is a birding destination in Costa Rica for everybody. From young to oldest people, and from newbies to experienced birdwatchers, Cano Negro Refuge will give you a great birdwatching experience in Costa Rica. All birding tours in Cano Negro - Costa Rica are made by boat. You do not have to walk but focus on birding. And when you choose to stay at Hotel de Campo, the Cano Negro boat tour starts from the private dock at the hotel. The best birding experience in Caño Negro is always along the river for most of the birds. Just in a few cases, we are going out to see birds. For example during the dry season, when some of the lagoons of Cano Negro are not accessible by boat.